Top-Quality Products

Top-Quality Products Reasonably-Priced Fuel and Heating Oil

Oil is used for warming homes, running vehicles, and powering machines. Because this is a necessity for many industries, it can be quite costly. You can get the high-standard fuel and heating oil you need at affordable prices from Volunteer Oil Co in Johnson City, TN. We carry a wide range of products suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural use.

Our Products:

  • Diesel for Highway and Non-Highway Use
  • Kerosene for Portable and Monitor Heaters
  • Motor and Industrial Oil
  • Non-Ethanol (Conventional)
    Gasoline in 87 and 93 Octane

Get Cleaner and More Efficient Fuel

The conventional gasoline we offer provides notable increases in MPG and decreases the maintenance needs of a vehicle. This is due to the absence of ethanol. We also offer premium, cleaner burning, ultra-low-sulfur diesel that lowers your vehicle’s emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint and call us at 423-926-2171 to place an order. Our team is always ready to meet your fuel oil delivery requests.

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